Voices from the Middle

We have put together some resources which we have published and which are available for you to download.

Voices from the Middle by Maggie Shannon and Dr. Sally WatsonVoices from the Middle

This practical book draws on case study evidence and leadership theory to illustrate a proven approach to developing middle managers. ‘Voices from the Middle’ brings a strong challenge to prevailing assumptions about the leadership capability in the middle of organisations.

Leading from the middle Skyline Management ConsultingLeading from the Middle

In the eBook Leading from the Middle – a leadership resource book we provide exercises and resources to help you reflect on your leadership. With an emphasis on those operating in mid-level roles, it opens up some interesting and valuable ideas about the contribution of middle managers in the modern business.


Leading from the middle Skyline Management ConsultingHow to influence organisational change

Middle managers are key to implementing the changes which senior managers and boards want to put in place. Their strategic vision will go nowhere without there being a plan to make it a reality. And who is best placed to translate this vision into a reality? The mid-level managers of course – they are not only closer to the business, they are also closer to the culture and values of the organisation.

How to influence organisational change. A strategic tool kit for middle managers is perfect for anyone who wants to overcome their fear of strategy, learn the skills required and have a tool kit at the ready.

Skyline also has research findings that support our learning approach and values. An Academic paper for the Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2016 is available here.