The way we work

The way we work

“What Skyline does is work with, develop and find solutions in a style that helps teams take ownership when they return to the workplace. Both Maggie and Sally deliver in an inclusive manner: fun, innovative, hard work and very practical.” Neil Townsend, Chief Executive, CancerCare

We believe in working collaboratively, listening to your issues and concerns, and then finding ways for you to overcome difficulties and barriers in order to move forward.

We know about the importance of culture and managing change to bring about positive behaviours and attitudes, and we have senior executive experience of creating real buy-in from colleagues.

We’re a combination of emotional and rational, we’re consistent and practical, experienced and dependable. With us there’s a passion for creativity and innovation, which shines through in our programmes and events. But we are also grounded and practical, and understand how to work with all sorts of people to bring out their potential and talent.

Skyline Management


We will always be respectful of your services, colleagues, and customers and we like to work with people who have the same values as us.