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“I’ve definitely seen a change in our managers undertaking the leading from the middle programme. It’s interesting to see how they are starting to challenge their own leadership but also my leadership and that of the organisation as well. So much more healthy!” Helen McVey, Chief Executive, Pendleside Hospice

Leading from the Middle

This programme supports the development of personal leadership skills, with an emphasis on putting those skills into practice to benefit your organisation.

  • Work with others to develop strong networks and find innovative solutions to issues
  • Learn about team dynamics, what makes a successful team, and experience different forms of team leadership
  • Go on a journey of self-discovery, learn about what drives positive behaviours, and maximise your skills and abilities
  • Develop action learning and coaching skills, find like-minded people with the same values to provide feedback and challenge
  • Deal more confidently with interpersonal challenges, and develop strategies to enhance team and organisational effectiveness
  • Leading from the Middle is a unique experience, one which is fun, supportive and enlightening, and just might be life-changing!

The people who can make your business successful are frequently working hard in the middle of your organisation.

On a daily basis, they can be found

  • dealing with complex challenges,
  • communicating the strategic intent of executives,
  • managing performance,
  • monitoring staff morale,
  • implementing strategy

Our approach embraces:

  • leadership in the middle of organisations, invert the hierarchy and experience a different, smarter, more engaged style of working
  • freedom from operational, hands-on, top-down decision making for the executive
  • ability for middle managers to take a lead, try out new ideas, improve performance and respond quickly where it matters
  • create new teams, deliver exciting projects, work in new ways
  • find new talent, improve motivation and personal development

We offer Leading from the Middle initiatives tailored to your own organisation, or we can develop a programme for a number of partner organisations to collaborate, share learning, and work together. Contact us to find out how we can help you.